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Solar LED Wall Light

+With a group of professional and creative solar led wall light staff, OLEDK Technology is one of the competitive solar led wall light manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have a productive factory offering customized service. Now come and buy or wholesale discount solar led wall light at low price with us. And we offer the pricelist check, too.
+The problem of energy shortage has become an important issue affecting the rapid development of the economy. The full development and utilization of solar energy is an energy strategy decision for the sustainable development of governments around the world.
+During the daytime, the sun shines on the solar module, causing the solar cell module to generate a certain amount of DC voltage, convert the light energy into electrical energy, and then transmit it to the intelligent controller. After the overcharge protection of the intelligent controller, the solar energy component is transmitted. Conveyed to the battery for storage.
+At night, when the solar module receives no light energy and the DC voltage of the output drops to near zero, the intelligent controller automatically turns on the control device to supply power to the LED, so that the LED light source emits sufficient brightness for illumination.
+When it is dawn, when the solar module receives the voltage generated by the light energy, the intelligent controller automatically switches to the charging mode.
+Our Solar LED Wall Light is the first light with wide range design in the world, which increases the angle and area of illumination by 50%. The illumination range of one light can reach 200 square feet and 800 square feet for 4 lights to be used simultaneously. It will prolong lighting time if motion detected once again during lighting, which meets your need to for all night use.
  • Solar LED Wall Lights Outdoor
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    Solar LED Wall Lights Outdoor

    Solar Sensor LED Wall Lights Outdoor
    1. Human induction control+lighting control+dim-light
    2. No light, it will show dim light;
    3. Full light when someone passes by, after 30 seconds, showing dim light again.
    4. No one, showing dim light.
    Product Description ...
  • LED Solar Wall Lights With Sensor
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    LED Solar Wall Lights With Sensor

    Product Characteristic
    +Made of high quality ABS material, it is durable and sturdy in use. LED solar wall lights with sensor have bright beam of light, long distance irradiation, high efficient illuminance.
    +It features compact and delicate appearance, high brightness, soft...
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    Measuring about 11.7 x 4.1 x 1.9 inches, the solar lamp is intended to be wall mounted, with a solar panel on the upper side, and 102 LED on the both and bottom sides, in the middle along with motion sensor, and the switch is on the back of the light.It's designed with two screw holes above to...
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    The solar wall lights are available in various application. They not only provides an advanced and sensitive PIR(120°) but an super wide angle(270°) and high brightness of lights.