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Retrofit Outdoor RGB LED Flood Light Factory Price CE ROHS

RGB LED Flood Light with remote
10W, 20W, 30W, 50W for option
IP65, 3 years warranty, RGB with remote.
Applications:factory, warehouse, outdoor advertising billboard
Product Details:

1) Our RGB LED Flood Light is suitable to work as general lighting for factory, warehouse, outdoor working areas, outdoor advertising billboards, outdoor architectural lighting and landscape lighting.

2) 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W for option

3) IP65, 3 years warranty, RGB with remote.

Name10W RGB LED Flood Light20W RGB LED Flood Light30W RGB LED Flood Light50W RGB LED Flood Light
Power: 10W20W30W50W
Voltage:AC 100-240V
IP Glass: IP65
Beam angle:120 degree
PackingGW: 0.8KG
Lamp size:L115*W85*H90MM  
GW: 1.26KG
Lamp size: L185*W135*H100MM 18PCS/CTN 
CTN: 200*150*125MM
GW: 1.8KG
Lamp size:L225*W185*H150MM  
CTN: 250*210*140MM
GW: 2.9KG
Lamp size:L285*W235*H160  
CTN: 300*250*185MM
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