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What Is The Composition Of The Solar Led Street Light
Jul 10, 2017

One of the most important components of solar led street light is the solar panel, which is why the reason for using solar energy, a relatively recent technology, so it is also the value of the most valuable effect compared to everyone can understand, that is, solar energy The energy of the light is converted into electrical energy to support the street lamp, or the energy received from the sun is stored first and then converted into electrical energy to support the LED Street Light. Of course, with the development of technology, this solar panel also has a lot of different lighting conditions may choose different. Now we are still struggling to develop solar panels, I believe there will be more functional after the battery.

The second component of solar LED Street Light is the battery. As mentioned above, the solar panels need to store the energy from the sun, so it must be a storage of electricity and, in terms of the battery it needs to be full of electricity is not only to maintain a street lamp The amount of light, but continued to maintain four rainy days 5 night lighting because they do not know when it will encounter rainy weather, this way you can not get energy from the sun, you need to use the previously stored power. So, the battery can not be too small, of course, it can not be too big. Ming Tyco use imported lithium battery to ensure that four rainy days 5 night lighting time

The third component of solar LED Street Light is the controller. As mentioned above, the battery can not be too big, if too large, then the battery will have been a state of power loss, it is easy to make it shorter life, so it needs a controller to control the number of storage, There is too much electricity. Of course, the function of this controller is much more than this, you can also control the LED Street Light to open and close, when to start to open the LED Street Light is the finalized and it is very smart, not just open at night, if the weather is dark Will open the LED Street Light like this we will not see the road because of the dark weather

Of course, in addition to the most important of the three parts, the solar LED Street Light also need light, and now the light source has long been more than a light bulb solar street lamp manufacturers have a lot of options. Then there is a light pole and a lamp shell. These things are needed but the request is not very high, do not need a lot of technology, so it is not difficult to find. But may be some of the relatively high demand for the city in terms of need to pick a good selection.