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LED Street Light How To Prevent Theft
Jul 19, 2017

Speaking of solar energy LED Street Light anti-theft, many people will feel very funny However, such a thing is often happening. Especially in the far away from the urban areas of rural or remote areas, often the occurrence of solar LED Street Light stolen events. This is due to solar street lamp manufacturers to consider the incomplete, ignoring the anti-theft aspects of the set, resulting in the loss of our interests. Street lights stolen will also affect the normal lighting, to the pedestrian traffic to bring a lot of inconvenience, may also lead to traffic accidents.

Because it is different from the ordinary street lamp, which has a relatively fine structure, batteries, circuit boards and the like, the price is more expensive, so this street is actually a stolen value. So, how should we do security? This is mainly determined by the design of solar street lamp manufacturers. In general, as long as the street is very good ground together, you can effectively avoid the street was stolen.

If we do not worry, you can strengthen the core parts of the anti-theft measures. The battery is the most vulnerable part of the theft, so we can put the battery buried in the ground, preferably in the building below, and then pour it on the cement, so that you can be very good anti-theft, and in any case do not May have stolen. After all, the price of a solar LED Street Light is very high, if so stolen, will give us a lot of economic losses.

So, if your lights are located in remote, we must tell the manufacturers of solar lights, to strengthen the anti-theft measures for street lamps. This is good for everyone. It is best to all parts of the welding and reinforcement, you can prevent bad things happen later.