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LED Panel Light 4 Common Problems
Sep 22, 2017

LED panel light, also known as LED flat lights, with beautiful and generous environmental protection and energy saving advantages. Today, days of Cypriot Xiaobian and everyone to analyze the LED panel light under the four common problems.

1. Package failure

Refers to the packaging design or production process is not correct caused by the quality of components damage. Epoxy resin used in packaging materials, LED panel light in the process of use will be degraded, resulting in LED panel lamp life decreased. But also cause refractive index, light transmittance, hardness, expansion coefficient, permeability, water permeability, filler function and other issues.

Chip failure

Refers to the chip itself failure or other causes of chip failure. This is the LED panel light manufacturers through the procurement of very poor quality of the chip, which to control the low price of LED panel light.

3. Stress stress failure

Is the LED panel light source if the over-current is used (EOS) or electrostatic shock damage (ESD) of the chip, which constitutes a chip open circuit, resulting in over-stress failure.

4. Thermal over stress failure

An important factor affecting the optical properties of LEDs has been temperature, which is due to the thermal resistance of the LED system under the premise of the package pin welding temperature, the junction temperature will rise, and then lead to LED failure in advance The