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LED Lighting Features
May 23, 2018

In this era of LED, LED lighting has become the mainstream of modern lighting, we can see more and more companies, government agencies, schools and a series of institutions have already started LED lighting replacement project. It can be seen that Glow Light Technology LED lighting must have a unique performance and charm to attract everyone to change.

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Here we will analyze the characteristics of the LED lights together with Yongguang Technology:

1, LED lighting energy-saving, long life, saving maintenance costs. The power consumption of the flooding LED lighting is generally less than one-third of the power consumption of conventional halogen lamps, and the lifetime is 10 times that of traditional halogen lamps. It can be used for a long time without replacement, reducing labor costs.

2. Nowadays, the world advocates green environmental protection and recyclable concepts. Traditional lamps and lanterns contain a large amount of harmful substances. If the lamps are broken, harmful substances will evaporate into the atmosphere. However, LED lighting does not contain harmful substances at all and can protect the environment. LED lighting is recognized as a green lighting product for the 21st century.

3, LED lighting can protect eyesight. Traditional lighting uses AC power, so it produces 100-120 strobes per second. LED lighting converts AC power directly to DC power without flickering and protects the eyes.

4, healthy (no UV and infrared). LED lighting does not produce ultraviolet light, so there are many mosquitoes that don't wrap around the fixture like traditional lamps. The use of LED lights can make the room more clean and tidy.

5, high luminous efficiency, high luminous efficiency.

6, with low power consumption, light weight and other advantages.