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LED Flood Light And More Use Of Decentralized Design
Oct 25, 2017

LED this concept is not what fresh things, but can really know the LED is not much, especially in the use of integrated ceiling LED Flood Light is very few. However, the first in the integrated ceiling industry R & D and production of LED health floodlights series, and LED health floodlights technology has been upgraded, greatly consistent with the needs of consumers and the pursuit of a healthy living needs.

Ordinary fluorescent lamps have the phenomenon of strobe, see more will cause eye irritation, which also affected people's health; currently on the market commonly used LED Flood Light, although it is very bright, but there is light distribution is not Uniform and many other defects.

As the market to choose a wide variety of LED lights, consumers sometimes do not know which to buy, for which the intensity of the lighting can not understand, this phenomenon has become a topic of concern.

LED Flood Light mentioned in the market more use of decentralized design, although it looks very bright, but its light is very uneven, it can be said that the effect and a flashlight is no difference; Jie Nengxing LED lights Using a concealed design, light distribution, light is very soft.

Green health has always been one of the most concerned about the topic, Jen-star LED Flood Light very good to achieve the wishes of consumers. It is relative to the ordinary fluorescent lamp, it does not have any strobe effect, soft light, no harm to people's body; for people often say LED Flood Light, it has obvious advantages, including concealed design, evenly distributed Of the light source, close to the natural light of light, these characteristics make life that is environmentally friendly and healthy. Character of this product is bound to benefit the vast number of consumers, health, environmental protection, conservation will no longer be a dream.