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Led Flash Make Your Life Colorful
Feb 24, 2017

As living standards improve, more and more appliances to people's lives, this is due to electricity. Today I introduce things and relationships. I am sure you have heard of led Flash and fill light. Now there is a problem, is that many people do not know what led fill light differences and led Flash. Led fill light and led Flash have one thing in common, that is in the dark environment can make the scene more bright. But actually there is a difference between the two, here we come to know about it!

Flash belongs to a kind of fill light. Flash was issued within a very short period of time a strong light, is a photographic photography accessories. Used for low light situations the moment of lighting, used to light the lighter to give partial fill of the object photographed. Compact, safe and easy to carry, stable performance. Fill light, is used to for certain because of the lack of illumination device or for the compensation of a lighting plant. Now known as fill light usually has three, one camera fill light in the greenhouse (also called plants fill light) and photography fill light (also called photographic or camera fill light/lamp), license plate light lamps (also called white light).