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Led Emergency Lights Of The Advantages And Precautions
Jul 10, 2017

In the life and life are closely related to the lighting industry, the industry has been actively exploring research and development, led emergency lights for sudden power outage, then the advantages of led emergency lights is what? What are the precautions? The following Xiaobian brief introduction under the led emergency lights. The advantages of LED emergency lights

1, the average life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours, can achieve long-term maintenance-free.

3, the use of wide voltage design 110 ~ 260V (high pressure model), 20 ~ 40 (low pressure model).

4, the use of anti-dazzle lamp to make the light softer, no glare, will not cause the operator's eye fatigue, improve work efficiency;

5, good electromagnetic compatibility will not cause pollution to the power supply.

6, the shell with lightweight alloy materials, wear-resistant anti-corrosion, waterproof and dustproof.

7, transparent pieces of imported bullet-proof plastic materials, high transmittance, impact resistance, and can make the lamps in a variety of harsh environments to work properly.

8, emergency power supply using polymer lithium battery, safe and efficient, long service life.

9, user-friendly design: to automatically or manually switch emergency function.

· LED emergency lights classification

One can be used as a normal working light, with emergency function;

The other is simply as an emergency lighting, usually in a closed state.

Two kinds of emergency are in the main power can immediately start the emergency lighting, but also through the external switch control.

· LED Emergency Lights Precautions

1, the transport will be installed in the carton with the equipment, and the installation of foam shock absorption.

2, the installation of lamps, lamps should be near the safe grounding.

3, when used, the lamp surface has a certain temperature rise, is a normal phenomenon; transparent pieces of the central temperature is higher, not touch.

4, maintenance lamps, you must first disconnect the power.

LED Emergency Lights - Safety Warning

1, replace the light source and remove the lamp must be cut off before the power;

2, is strictly prohibited to open the lamp.

3, see the line or change the light source should bring clean white gloves.

4, non-professionals are not free to install, remove the lamps and.