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LED Ceiling Light Does Not Shine How To Repair
May 28, 2018

                    LED ceiling light does not shine how to repair

The use of LED ceiling lamps may appear unlit for some reason. In general, this phenomenon is mainly caused by two problems. One is the problem of power supply, and the other is the problem of light sources. How to repair it? Then led by us led home lighting factory to understand.

LED ceiling lights do not light, mainly due to two reasons, one is the problem of the light source, and the other is the problem of the power supply. At present, the LED light source is composed of LED lamp beads. First of all, the home power supply is disconnected, the lampshade is opened, and if the amount of multimeter is LED light source is broken, if yes, then look at the light source style, to buy the same The light source can be replaced. When purchasing, pay attention to the voltage range of the light source and purchase the light source with the same voltage. If you use a multimeter to detect the light source is no problem, then see if it is a problem of power supply, general LED ceiling light is the method of using external power supply, then directly buy a power supply can be replaced, relatively speaking, the power supply is relatively easy to go wrong One part.