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How To Distinguish LED Flood Light Parts Of The Good Or Bad?
Oct 25, 2017

LED Flood Light are mainly used for outdoor lighting projects, long experience of wind and sun and rain and climate changeable outdoor environment, if LED Flood Light, but directly affect the project acceptance and project balance settlement, Victoria lighting The following components from the led flood light and LED Flood Light components of the distinction between good and bad to explain the two points.

Components of floodlights:

General LED Flood Light core components are divided into: die-cast aluminum shell, tempered glass, reflector, LED integrated light source (cob), LED power supply.

LED Flood Light parts of the distinction between good and bad as follows:

① tempered glass

Process: There are two, one for the physical steel, the other for the chemical steel.

Physical steel is the ordinary flat glass or float glass in the specified conditions and the environment, after quenching or air-cooled fire processing made of processing.

Chemical steel is the ordinary flat glass or float glass through the ion exchange method, the glass surface composition changes, so that the glass surface to form a layer of stress layer processing. Good and bad identification: check the flatness, no bubbles, inclusions, scratches, lines and fog and other quality defects, the existence of such defects in the glass, in use will be deformed, reducing glass transparency, mechanical strength and Thermal stability of glass.

② reflector

Identification method: no deformation, no spinning pattern, no pinholes, the surface bright, no obvious sand hole surface, plating gloss is better, the thickness of the plating to be uniform.

③ LED integrated light source

Good or bad to identify: through the microscope to see whether the chip is required manufacturers, chip size is required chip. Chip chip, wafer, epitaxial film, hair piece, according to LED Flood Light manufacturers to tell you the origin and specifications to confirm good and bad. The quality of imported chips will be better than the quality of domestic chips. Large size chips are better than small chips.