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Future Economic Benefits Between Solar LED Street Lamp Lighting
Aug 17, 2016

In developing countries and regions, solar LED lighting is increasingly replacing candles, use traditional fuels such as firewood, kerosene lighting, brings great energy and environmental benefits. Not only that, United States researchers have found that this trend can stimulate local economic development is expected to create about 2 million jobs worldwide.

Original lighting sources, including the sale of candles, wicks, fuel and other supplies, based on fossil fuels in the global lighting industry of supporting approximately 150,000 job opportunities. Per 10,000 persons unable to get power supply using solar-powered LED lights, local solar LED lighting industry requires creating 38 jobs. According to this calculation, current increase due to solar-powered LED lighting jobs and employment opportunities are provided by the fossil fuel lighting. To fully meet the 112 million households, solar-powered LED lighting needs, you also need to add about 2 million jobs, far more than a fuel-based lighting market may lose jobs.