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LED Emergency Bulb

LED emergency bulbs are also known as storage light bulbs, time delay light bulbs, continuous light bulbs, and power failure lights. The emergency light bulb combines the general lighting function with the emergency lighting function of the power failure and the lighting color can be designed according to different needs. It has the advantages of wide applicability, easy installation or replacement.
Construction: bulb head, housing, battery, light source, lampshade and electronic control panel. The housing is connected to the housing via the bulb head, and the accommodating space formed by the lamp cover is accommodated, and the electronic control board, the battery and the light source are accommodated, and are connected to each other via a wire.
When there is a power outage, our bulb still on, will light for up to 4-6 hours, you will never be left in dark again. This led light bulb is portable, widely used as camping light, flashlight, hook light, warehouse light, etc.
Plastic coated aluminum lamp body with glue sealed globe cover, impact-resistant, free of electric shock and moisture proof. High quality, smart change of LED emergency bulb can make your no longer worry about the accident of power.The bulbs will keep bright for 4-6 Hrs when the outage of power happens.
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