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Intelligence LED Lights

With a group of professional and creative intelligence led lights staff, OLEDK Technology is one of the competitive intelligence led lights manufacturers and suppliers in China.
Featured by high quality, high brightness, our intellgence LED bulds can make you no longer worry about the accident of power. According to the user's personality preferences, we also provide personalized services for intelligent lighting products.
It automatically switches On at dusk and OFF at dawn. Long service life, no UV and IR radiation, no containing lead, mercury and other pollution elements. Easy installation.
Suitable for hotel, dining room, guest room, office, show room, shop, corridor, go camping etc. The application areas of intelligent lighting are mainly concentrated in the fields of business and public facilities, hotels, exhibition venues, municipal engineering, road traffic.
1. Intelligent sensor: When someone or car enters the detection range of the product, the smart sensor works to turn on the lamp, and automatically goes out after leaving the detection range.
2. Intelligent delay: The intelligent sensor light starts from the time of the last detected active object, and the automatic delay is extinguished, which will not cause the middle to be extinguished.
3. Working mode: After the sensor switch is turned on, if there is an object, the activity switch will continue to be turned on until the moving object leaves during the delay time period.
4. Photosensitive control: According to the light intensity of the outside world, it automatically recognizes the day and night, and controls whether the switch works, achieving the effect of energy saving.
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