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What is a smart solar street light?
Aug 31, 2018

What is a smart solar street light?

1. Intelligent solar street light concept

The intelligent solar street light is based on the solar street light, and collects the external information through various sensors. According to different situations, the controller controls the state of the street light to achieve the purpose of intelligence and automation. It can integrate high-end technologies such as battery charge and discharge protection technology, light control technology, voice control technology, infrared detection control technology, mains bypass technology, and wireless communication technology.

2. Intelligent solar street light design purpose

At present, the biggest obstacle to restricting solar street lamps to further market and industrialization is the cost issue. The cost of existing solar streetlight products on the market is generally several thousand dollars higher than that of ordinary street lamps of the same performance, which makes solar street lamps inferior in the fierce market competition. Therefore, through the optimized design of solar street lamps, through the integration of various high-end technologies, it can obtain intelligent capabilities, which can not only improve the lighting ability of solar street lamps, but also reduce the matching power of solar panels and the optional capacity of batteries. , which greatly reduces the full cost of street lamps.

3. Comparison with general solar street lights

3.1 Comparison of light source lighting control methods

Ordinary solar street lamps control the time of lighting and extinction of street lamps at most through time-controlled design. This method is greatly affected by seasonal changes, which is reflected in the unequal length of day and night in various seasons in China, so it is necessary to change the lighting time of lights frequently. This is very troublesome, and the intelligent solar street light system combines various control methods such as time control and light control, which can be illuminated by time control. When necessary, the lighting time of the street light can be adjusted through the light control design to meet the seasons. Different conditions for bright time, while also meeting special needs.

3.2 Comparison of energy saving

The intelligent solar street lamp can adjust the brightness of the solar street lamp in different time periods according to different needs. It can realize the automatic closing of one load at night and enter the power saving mode. At the same time, it can also set all the lighting when someone passes, and intelligent management Street lights, to achieve the purpose of saving electricity. Ordinary street lights do not have such a function, resulting in high-power illumination even in the absence of nighttime, resulting in wasted power.

3.3 Cost comparison

Although the function of intelligent street lamps is much more than that of ordinary solar street lamps, the cost is not much higher than that of ordinary solar street lamps. There are two reasons: First, due to the light control, sound control and other technologies used by smart solar street lights, the hardware cost is negligible compared with the solar main components, mainly relying on the design of its software, and the street lights with the function of late night power saving mode It saves the time of continuous lighting, so that it can rely on the shorter continuous lighting time to re-select the smaller power battery and solar panel, saving the cost of purchasing hardware. Second, the time of the smart solar street lighting You can use the software to achieve accurate lighting time, so that the street light is only lit when it is dark, and the street light is extinguished when it is bright. If the ordinary solar street light is only controlled according to time, there will be a certain deviation, and the deviation will be Causes waste of street lamp power resources.

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