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What are the types of street lamps?
Aug 17, 2018

What are the types of street lamps?

Street lights are lighting facilities that are set on the road to provide the necessary visibility to vehicles and pedestrians at night. Street lamps generally require reasonable light distribution, and the light source preferably has a long life span and is maintenance-free for years to come. High luminous efficiency, good color rendering, and the ability to start normal operation in an ultra-low temperature environment. So what are the types of street lights? Haiguang Lighting professional street lamp manufacturers below briefly introduce the types of street lights.

1, according to the height of the street lights are divided into: high pole lights (15-40 meters), middle pole lights (12-15 meters), road lights (6-12 meters), garden lights (2.5-5 meters), lawn lights (60 -80 cm)

2, according to the lamp pole material is divided into: high quality Q235 steel street lamp and stainless steel street lamp;

3, according to street light source is divided into: LED street light, high pressure sodium light street light, energy-saving street light, xenon street light, induction lamp street light

4. According to the appearance of street lamps, they are divided into: Chinese lanterns, magnolia lamps, antique lamps, landscape lamps, single-arm street lamps, and double-arm street lamps.

5, according to the power supply mode is divided into: city circuit lights, solar street lights, scenery complementary street lights