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What are the precautions for installation and maintenance
Jun 09, 2018

First, the installation instructions and precautions:

1. The installation of the product must be a certified electrician.

2. Check the integrity of the product when you take it out of the box.

3, products and flammable materials to ensure that at least 0.2m distance, to ensure that the zenith is installed there is a gap of 2 cm, panel lights can not be installed in the zenith inside, or a wall with heat source, pay attention to the low voltage and High voltage connections separate the traces.

4. The connection line on the panel light can be passed through the drill hole and the connection line behind the lamp can be fixed by wire clamps, to ensure firm fixing.

5, to ensure that the lamp's power cord has a sufficient length, do not subject to tension or tangential force. Avoid excessive pulling force when installing the connection of the lamp. Do not tie the connection. Output wiring should pay attention to distinguish, do not confuse with other lamps.

6. After the installation, connect the panel light low voltage plug to the low voltage plug of the switching power supply.

7, non-professionals shall not be disassembled, repaired, our company has the right to disassemble, repair the product without replacement or warranty service

Second, safety precautions:

1, can only be used outside the package.

2. Before use, it is necessary to confirm whether the product is damaged during transportation. If it is damaged, it cannot be installed and used.

3, try to repair themselves, only by professional engineers to repair.

4, materials should be far away from children, prevent child play type lead to suffocation! The product's small accessories cause the child to swallow. Not to let children touch live devices.

5. Look directly at the light emitting surface of the LED panel light for a long time. Do not use the light of the reflective LED to shine on the eyes of others.

6. Keep away from open flames or hot objects.

7. If it exceeds the service life, it will need to be re-inspected or scrapped.

Third, maintenance precautions:

1. Before cleaning the lamp, be sure to turn off the power.

2, please use a dry or relatively dry rag to clean.

3, do not use chemical or corrosive things to clean.