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There are two ways to install the led ceiling light
Oct 12, 2018

There are two ways to install the led ceiling light.

There are two installation methods for led ceiling lamps, which are common and embedded. The two installation methods are slightly different. Relatively speaking, the installation of embedded ceiling lamps is more complicated, but as long as you carefully read the LED ceiling lamps manufacturers for everyone. The following content will definitely be easy to install.

To unpack the package, first remove the self-contained wire on the base; then pull the lamp down; place the base in the position and draw the hole; draw the eye on the ceiling according to the mounting hole of the ceiling lamp; A good-looking place to break into the gel to fix the screws; put the base up, turn the angle, tighten the screws; wire; install the lamp, install the lampshade.

If it is an embedded ceiling lamp, the installation process is different from the above: remove the gusset that exposes the lamp line, white fire line L, blue is the zero line N; then remove the lamp to confirm the opening size of the lamp; Dimensions, measure the position on the gusset plate, draw the line; use the cutting tool to cut along the pre-drawn line of the gusset; remove the cutting area, the edge after cutting is very sharp, in order to prevent the cutting hand, what is sticky Circle the transparent tape; put the lamp into it, use the buckle to buckle to the buckle plate; remove the test wire before installation; then connect the lamp wire to the original test line position; after connecting the wire, put the buckle plate back.