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Some important information of LED Lights
Oct 30, 2017

   LED lighting products have broad market prospects, especially in the field of lighting. At present, there are many LED products used in lighting, such as LED guardrail lamp,Garden Trellis Solar LED Light,LED lawn lamp, LED spotlight, LED underwater lamp, LED buried lamp,LED Street Light, LED Flood Light etc. We have a better understanding that the LED light source has the advantages of energy saving, long lifespan and radiation free, but we also need to pay attention to some key problems on LED products as follows:

1.DC constant-current power supply

With special switching power supply (constant-current supply), LED Light products have long lifespan, but the product cost is relatively higher. In order to reduce the cost, some manufacturers supply power by RC voltage-reducing, which will directly shorten the lifespan of the LED products.

2. Anti-static Measures

LED Light products with different quality have different anti-static ability, so anti-static measures should be taken in the process of production, e.g. grounding for the workbench, wearing anti-static coat/ ring belt/ gloves, and installing SIMCO PC if possible. What’s more, it is also  important to keep the humidity around 65% to avoid static as a result of dry air, especially for the green LED, as it is easier to be damaged by static.

3.Lower internal resistance as a result of temperature increase

The internal resistance of the LED light source will be reduced when the ambient temperature rises. The constant-current power supply will ensure that the working current of the LED will be not affected by the temperature increase.

4. Water-proof Sealing for the LED product

The outdoor LED products are faced with the problem of water-proof/ moisture-proof sealing, which will directly affect the LED product's lifespan. Traditionally the LED products are sealed with epoxy resin, which is not easily operated and would increase the product weight.

At present, the LED light product quality varies a lot in the market. High-quality LED light source has high brightness, low light decay, strong anti-static ability and long lifespan, but the price is more expensive. Some lighting projects use low-quality cheap LED light source. Problems might not be found at the beginning but would be seen soon. Therefore, manufacturers and users should not fight on the price but on the quality. It is better to choose the LED light source of moderate price and good quality so as to ensure long lifespan of the lighting project.