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RGB LED Bulb Light Brief Introduction And Characteristics
Oct 23, 2017

Here we collect the information of RGB LED Bulb Light

 1、Base Type: E27、B22

 2、Input Voltage:AC85---265V

 3、Output Voltage:4V---4.5V 

 4、Optical Efficiency: more than 80%以上 

 5、Light Source: 1 pieces RGBW 10W 

 6、Powder: 10W


 8、Working Temperature:-20-+40℃


 10、Life Span: More than 40,000 hours

How to make the Color Changing when we use the RGB LED Bulb 

 1、Color Changing Modes:16 static colors, 7 smooth changing colors, 7 flash colors, 3 smooth changing colors, 3 flash colors

2、Static colors have 3-stage of intensity, adjustable by remote control. Default setting is medium stage.

3、Both smooth changing and flash mode provide 3-stage time adjustment.


4、It is easily operated by the IR remote control, which can control multiple lights.


What's the features of RGB LED Bulb Light:

1. Energy saving: In the same light intensity for 100 hours, ordinary incandescent bulbs consume 6 kilowatt-hour power, ordinary energy-saving lamps 1 kilowatt-hour, while LED energy-saving lamps only 0.1 kilowatt-hour.

2. Ultra-long Life Span: Theoretically, life span of LED energy-saving lamps can reach more than 100,000 hours, ordinary energy-saving lamps 6,000 hours, while ordinary incandescent bulbs only 1,000 hours.


3. Healthy Light: LED energy-saving lamps don't have UV or IR, while ordinary lamps have.

4. Eco-friendly: No EMI is caused by LED energy-saving lamps, no Hg or Pb, good for recycle use. The ballast in the ordinary energy-saving lamps would cause EMI, and there is Hg and Pb in the lamp tube.  

5. Eye-protective: LED energy-saving lamp is DC driving, no flicker; ordinary lamp is AC driving, with flicker.  

6.  High Optical Efficiency: LED energy-saving lamps can convert 90% of the power to optical light, while ordinary incandescent bulbs can only convert 20% of the power to optical light and 80% to heat.

7. High Safety: low voltage and current, less heat and safe, can be used in dangerous fields such as mine.



Main materials of RGB LED Bulb :

1、High-quality aluminum alloy in anodized or electroplated finishing

2、Light source: 5W high-intensity LED  

3、16 static colors and 4 dynamic modes to choose for creating different atmosphere

4、External high-precision DC driving switch

5.  UV free




What's the Application of RGB LED Bulb?

Stairs, Bathroom, Corridor, Hotel, Bar Counter, Western Restaurant, Household Lights, Entertainment Venues, Shopping Mall, Office, Showroom, etc.




1. Before installation, cut off the power to prevent electric shock.

2. Do not install nearby the hot or heat source place, where has the corrosive gas.

3. Before installation, make sure the mounting location is able to bear 10 times of the lamp’s weight. Install the lamp at flat surface, where has no vibration, shaking or fire hazards.