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National standard height of street light pole
Aug 24, 2018

National standard height of street light pole

The design of the street light pole has a certain standard. For the lighting of the street light pole, it is also necessary to set a certain height. According to the width of the road, different heights are designed, so that the lighting effect can be exerted in a wider range, then the lighting classification of the ordinary street light is What kind of, and how high the light poles need to be installed, and how is the relationship with the width of the road? Haiguang Lighting will give you a detailed explanation of the national standard height of the street light poles. Look at the setting of the street light poles. The height is the most suitable.

1. Before installing the street light, you must determine the purpose of installing the street light, such as lighting or landscape lighting. After confirming, you can choose whether to install street lights or garden lights. Generally, the street lights are more than 5 meters, and the garden lights are about 3 meters. This directly determines the height of the street lights.

2, the installation of street lights must determine the location of use, such as rural roads, county-level roads, provincial roads, etc. The installation height is not the same. This is mainly related to the width of the road. For example, a road that is 5 meters wide needs to be installed with a pole that is 5 meters high, and a pole that is 8 meters wide and requires a pole of 8 meters.

3. The height of the lamp must also be selected according to the density of the vehicle passing through the road and the type of vehicle passing. For example, if you have a large car, you need to install a high-end street light, and you can install low-level street lights almost without a large car.

4. Install solar street lights, the height must be determined according to the surrounding trees. Because solar panels require sunlight, they must be well lit. If the trees are low, the solar streetlights can be raised above the trees.

Definition of the lighting classification specified by the National Urban Road Lighting Standard:

1. Conventional lighting: The lamp is installed on a light pole with a height of usually 15m or less, and is regularly arranged on one side, two sides or the middle sub-carriage belt for illumination at a certain interval. With this type of illumination, the longitudinal axis of the luminaire is perpendicular to the road axis, causing most of the light emitted by the luminaire to be directed toward the longitudinal axis of the road.

2. High-pole lighting: A lighting method in which a group of lamps are installed on a pole with a height equal to or greater than 20 m for large-area illumination. (For example: at the intersection of highways, install 20 lamps on one pole to illuminate each intersection.)

3, semi-high pole lighting: a group of lamps installed in a height of 15 ~ 20m and other light poles for illumination. When the luminaire is configured according to the conventional illumination mode, it is a conventional illumination; when the luminaire is configured by the high-pole illumination mode, it is a high-pole illumination.

When you buy a street light, you can refer to the above description of sea light lighting to determine the height of the street light, the spacing between the light poles, the size of the light source and how to install it.