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LED Tower Pendant Lights
Jun 20, 2018

LED Tower Pendant Lights

LED Tower Pendant Applicable Range

Use place: Repair lighting, energy saving lighting of stadiums, construction sites, docks, billboards, coal mines, bridges, etc.

It replaces the ideal light source of Philips, NVC, Foshan Lighting, Op, and other traditional brand lamps; energy saving is over 80%, and the warranty is 5 years.

LED tower chandelier product clarification

The lamp body is made of high-strength aluminum material, with anti-aging treatment on the surface, self-cleaning and strong corrosion resistance. The mask uses a high purity aluminum reflector.

Select high quality U.S. Puri LED light source with high luminous efficiency and high brightness.

The common design of heat dissipation and lamp housing integration can effectively disperse the heat and then reduce the temperature of the lamp body. This ensures that the LED light source is 50,000 hours green and pollution-free, and the cold light source is designed without heat radiation, without any damage to the eyes and skin. The lamps are designed to have sufficient heat dissipation, the cover has a low temperature, safety, and good protection.

The color rendering is good, the light is stable, and the appearance of the color of the object is more vivid. The color temperature of the LED light source is optional and can satisfy the needs of different environments. The use of constant current and constant voltage control of Ming Wei power supply, applicable to the wide voltage (AC90 ~ 260V), to overcome the ballast due to power grid and noise pollution and other defects. Humanized structure design, lighting fixtures and protection are more relaxed. Suitable for a variety of use occasions.