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LED lighting unit for home lighting
Sep 13, 2018

LED lighting unit for home lighting

The lighting unit refers to the energy of visible light per unit area, in units of lux (Lux or Lx). A physical term used to indicate the intensity of illumination and the amount by which the surface area of an object is illuminated. Let us take a look at the lighting units of led home lighting are:

1. The luminous flux of a luminous flux source radiating to the surrounding space and causing visual energy, called luminous flux, expressed in Φ, in lumens

2. The luminous flux radiated by the light intensity source in a specific solid direction in a specific direction is called the luminous intensity of the light source in this direction, referred to as the light intensity. Expressed by the symbol I, the unit candela (Cd), I = Φ / W.

3, led home lighting illuminance unit on the surface of the received luminous flux called illuminance, with E, unit Lux (Lx), E = Φ

4. The luminous intensity of the luminance illuminant on the projected area per unit of a given direction is called brightness, expressed in L, and the unit is Cd/m.

5, color temperature When the color of the light source is the same as the color of the black body heated to a certain temperature, it is called the color temperature of the light source, referred to as the color temperature.

The lighting unit of led home lighting can tell people how much light the luminaire emits through lumens. Therefore, for LED lighting products, the key value reflecting brightness is not the wattage, but the lumen number.