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Differentiation analysis of electrodeless lamp with LED technology
Aug 18, 2016

Rookie electrodeless lamp is green with LED light source because they are energy-efficient, long-life characteristics and is respected by the world. Despite the many similarities of performance, but there is an essential difference in technology and applications.

Luminescence analysis, electrodeless lamp is a gas discharge lamp, it is based on the traditional energy-saving fluorescent lamp for further upgrading of technology, with electromagnetic coupling instead of electrical discharge, inheriting the tradition based on mature technology, heights, and fully broke the traditional energy-saving fluorescent lamps, which stay in the technical bottleneck of small power light. The product through technological improvements, performance advantages mainly in high light efficiency, long life, high color, low fever, no Flash, and so on. LED is solid light technology, before this technology application in the field of image display, signals, in this application has more than 30 years. In his capacity as general lighting into people's lives is at the beginning of the 90 's of the last century, research and development and application of a short time.