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Led bulb optional skills
Aug 18, 2016

Lamp has card mouth and screw mouth, way, common of lamp has E27, and E14, and E26,, these are is belongs to screw mouth lamp, letters e said Edison thread of spiral lamp or lamp, behind of digital representative lamp thread OD of integer value, units for mm, so E27 said od size for 27mm of screw mouth lamp, E14 said od size for 14mm of screw mouth lamp, LED lamp of power and lamp size no relationship, also power of LED bulb both can used E27 of lamp, Or E14 lamp, E27 is the most commonly used lamp.

B22 lampholder B22 lamp is a lamp, lamp is a lamp wire end interface for installing light bulbs are fixed on the lamp the lamp, lamp and lamp connected to the power supply components. Electric light sources using lamp caps and holders together with a named method. Symbol meaning: b bayonet lamp holder, b behind the number indicates the diameter of the shell, such as: B22D/25x26--with two contacts, 22mm diameter bayonet lamp caps; a total length of about 25mm, turtle rim with a diameter of about 26mm.