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How to ensure the safety of ceiling lamp installation
Dec 20, 2018

How to ensure the safety of ceiling lamp installation

  The shape of the ceiling lamp is similar to that of the sun. It is called the "sun lamp". The room with the ceiling lamp is simple and elegant. How to install the ceiling lamp safely and correctly?

     Led ceiling lamp manufacturers do this: first test the power supply voltage in the home, determined to be 220 volts, and then must turn off the total power supply, many people are injured by electric shock, because they are willing to go their own way, "stupid bold" The installation and use of electrical appliances has caused indelible damage.

After turning off the power, take out the fixing base of the lamp, remove the junction box or the old lamp holder on the ceiling, screw the ceiling lamp hanging plate and the junction box with screws, connect the wires on the lighting and the ceiling, and put on the insulation. Terminals, the home AC power is not positive or negative, can be connected at any time when wiring.

Align the hole of the lamp holder with the screw of the hanging plate to fix the lamp holder to the ceiling. The bulb can be selected according to the specifications of the luminaire. Gently screw the bulb with your hand and do not need to press it hard. The ceiling lamp is installed.