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How road lighting controls energy saving
Oct 30, 2018

How road lighting controls energy saving

Road lighting energy-saving technologies include:

1, high-efficiency light source, such as electrodeless lamp, LED lamp

Induction lamp theoretical life can reach 6-10 million hours, long life, high luminous efficiency, high power factor, stable luminous flux output, high reliability, high color rendering, low harmonic content, fast start at low temperature, instant restart The color temperature range is wide, no stroboscopic, no glare, etc. The electrodeless lamp is also an environmentally friendly and non-polluting light source, which represents the direction of today's green lighting. In today's world, where energy conservation and environmental protection are strongly advocated, the electrodeless lamp illumination is in line with the lighting. With the development of the trend, the electrodeless lamp will occupy an important position in the future lighting world.

2, efficient reflective lamps

The use of new materials, optimized reflection angle can moderately improve light efficiency, change the traditional landscape light ball sanding habits, and use directional coating internal light technology to greatly improve the ground illumination of traditional landscape lights. Timely cleaning of the luminaire is also one of the means of energy saving.

3. Control energy saving by “period of time period”

The most effective and succinct way to illuminate urban roads is to use multi-period “scenarios” to save energy and control energy.

The lighting of cities and highways and tunnels is different from commercial lighting or home lighting.

For the workshop to require precision assembly and other occasions, the lighting must meet the standard value. Otherwise, the energy-saving illumination is low, the defective products are more, the unit qualified products can be used more, and the wages and other expenses are more costly, which is not worth the loss. In these fixed lighting occasions, the method of replacing the light source of the lamp is generally used to meet the illumination and energy saving requirements, and the person can turn off the light.

For urban lighting, it is difficult to meet the needs of the road lighting scene in the middle of the night and the second half of the night by using a fixed step-down or replacing the light source of the lamp and changing the power.

In addition, urban lighting or road lighting has the following functional requirements:

1. The degree of urban civilization must have a road and a light, and the direct expression of the city’s image.

2, social security, if the night is dark, the crime rate has risen sharply, public security and public complaints,

3. Prospering the local economy, increasing government tax revenue, bright lighting, prosperous commercial activities at night, and active markets.

4, traffic safety, if the lights are too dark in the first half of the night, or the middle of the night to form a Banma effect, affecting traffic safety.

Lighting energy saving is a icing on the cake. Therefore, do not cause accidents due to energy saving, resulting in public hazard to the power grid, which will affect normal lighting