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How about the brightness of the LED lamps
Aug 18, 2016

With energy-saving LED lights than are 1:3 incandescent lamps are 1:8 you a wabaiguang do the math LED LM normal keep 85-100LM Baidu, Bai-d LED LED lighting design lighting design | LED effect design | LED lighting design | LED building lighting design landscape design | | urban landscape design.

3W LED bulb brightness of =7W energy-saving lamp of =40 brightness of incandescent lamps, I checked, but lamp bead is less than w do not count.

56980 spot light low pressure and high pressure two, consumers should choose low voltage lighting, long life, high luminous efficiency. Spotlights efficiency high and low power factor reflected greater photosynthetic efficiency power factor better, ordinary spotlights the power factor of 0.5 per cent, cheap, quality spotlights spotlights the power factor of 0.99 per cent, prices are slightly more expensive.

Lighting quality on the market today, it will be hard to tell with the naked eye, so buy Spotlight brand products should be selected, and select the matching quality transformers.