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Garden lights installation and use matters needing attention
May 26, 2018

Garden lights as a kind of outdoor lighting facilities, the current installation and use of garden lights has been very common, in order to allow the garden lights can provide people with better lighting services after installation, when the installation needs to follow the working procedures, while You should understand the relevant precautions during use.

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First, garden lights pay attention to safety, to prevent electric shock

When grounding, it is necessary to pay attention to the metal pillars and lamps. The exposed conductors should be connected to the PEN line. The grounding line should be set to the trunk line. The trunk line needs to be arranged along the courtyard lamp to form a ring network, and the grounding line should be not less than two. At the same time, this will ensure that the garden lights will be more secure after installation and will not lead to safety accidents. Look for positive and negative electrodes and apply thermal grease. The amount should be moderate (about 0.03 g) and the coating should be uniform. Be careful that silicone grease contaminates the surface of the lamp body, surrounding objects, and the human body. Fix the lamp board Place the grease-coated lamp board one by one on the bottom of the lamp housing so that the two screw holes of each lamp board are aligned with the corresponding fixing holes of the lamp housing. Use M3X5 round cross stainless steel screws to tighten.

Second, the installation of courtyard lights test

The installation direction of the light board must be consistent and neatly arranged to avoid installing reflectors with uneven or gaps. Screws should be tightened. Welded wires are made of good conductors. The red wire is for the positive electrode, and the black wire is for the negative electrode. The soldering iron is used to solder all the lamp plates in parallel. Take the finished lamp board lead, the red wire to the positive electrode, the black wire to the negative electrode, use the soldering iron to solder the tinned end to the middle light plate, and the other end to the lower plug along the inner edge of the lamp shell. Wiring is smooth. Welds are bright, full, and free of burrs. Fixed Reflector Take the reflector, place it on the light board, align it with the fixing hole, and let the lamp be exposed in the round hole of the reflector. Use M3X12 stainless steel round head cross bolt to tighten one by one. : Do not touch the surface of the reflector directly with your hands. Reflector surface smooth, seamless. .Glass cover to cut both ends of the waterproof silicone strip, the length of the long side than the glass cover length 2CM. Use a forceps and a small slotted screwdriver to press the waterproof strip into the grooves on both sides of the lamp housing, leaving 1 cm at both ends. Use two people to tighten the two ends of the waterproof tape, and then use one person to take the glass cover face up and insert it into the groove. Cut off the excess tape at both ends.

When installing the garden lamp, professional installers are required to install it. When wiring, it should be combined with the work specification. After the installation is complete, it needs to be checked and tested before it can be put into use. In addition, you should also understand the precautions when using the garden lights to extend the life of the garden lights.

Third, garden lights use matters needing attention

During the use of the garden lights, care should be taken not to hang objects on the lamps. This will easily lead to damage to the lamps and will also affect the service life of the lamps. In the process of using garden lights, it is necessary to regularly check the brightness of the lamps. When the lamps are found to be dark, they should be replaced in time to prevent the lamps from aging.