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Eye lights how to find expert tips
Aug 18, 2016

Eye light does have certain advantages compared with ordinary fluorescent lamps, but for a long time to read in this light, eyes also will fatigue. And electromagnetic radiation of high frequency light increases, so that children exposed to radiation damage.

True DC eye lights eye lamp, by alternating smooth direct current into voltage, current, electric lighting, true flicker free, and use the light and natural light is continuous and uniform light, but due to the high cost, is not common on the market.

Eye lights selection of inappropriate eye

Largest eye lamp was "no Flash" eye lights for sale on the market but in reality are "high frequency flashing." High frequency flashing eye lights have a strong electromagnetic radiation. Tests showed that a little eye lamp radiation around 20V/m, up to a maximum of 26.45v/m, while the highest daily most used laptop that shows 2.10V/m.

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