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Basic performance of LED high power floodlights
Sep 04, 2018

Basic performance of LED high power floodlights

LED high power floodlight performance characteristics:

1. The LED high-power floodlight adopts internal and external anti-strong earthquake structure design, which effectively solves the problems of bulb falling off due to strong vibration, shortened lamp life and broken bracket.

2, LED high-power floodlights with high-efficiency LED as a light source, the lamp has a long service life of more than 50,000 hours, especially suitable for outdoor large-area unattended lighting.

3, LED high-power floodlights use lightweight aluminum alloy materials and high-tech spraying and oxidation technology, the shell will never rust, never corroded.

4. LED high-power floodlights adopt new technology such as piping to ensure the integrity of the shell, reliable sealing, waterproof and dustproof.

5. LED high-power floodlights have good electromagnetic compatibility and will not cause electromagnetic interference to the surrounding environment.

6, LED high-power floodlights overall heat dissipation is good, can reduce the probability of failure.