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Advantages of LED light source on the pole lamp
Aug 18, 2016

High mast lighting is usually to high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps as the main light source, choose this type of lamp for two reasons, firstly understand lamps are known, high pressure sodium flood light with wide angle high brightness characteristic. Followed by business profits, sales of cast light on the market are counterfeit brands, real ones can get a considerable profit.

In terms of lighting and exposure area LED flood lights or LED floodlights fully meet the high pole lamp lighting requirements, it does not on the pole lamp was used for two main reasons, ① price, II don't know.

LED's consist of only two parts, namely, lights and power, which are less likely to damage in the parts, as we all know, the theoretical service life of 50,000 hours of LED light sources, even if not up to there's no difference, and many more years in the service life.