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LED Tube Light

+With a group of professional and creative led tube light staff, OLEDK Technology is one of the competitive led tube light manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have a productive factory offering customized service. Now come and buy or wholesale discount led tube light at low price with us. And we offer the pricelist check, too.
+LED fluorescent lamps, commonly known as straight tube lamps, are an alternative to traditional fluorescent tubes, which are reflected in both energy saving and environmental protection. The size is installed in the same way as a conventional fluorescent lamp, but the principle of illumination is to use an LED semiconductor chip for illumination. Divided into two categories according to the material of the casing, one is glass and the other is aluminum and PC. The luminous efficiency is 90 lm/W to 200 lm/W.
+The flexible feature enables to be easily bent into different shapes. Flat shape fits better with the attachment and meet your decorative lighting needs perfectly.
+The good waterproofness keeps the light away from water splashing, Great for indoor or outdoor embellishment. The power adaptor should be protected for outdoor usage. These lights last up to over 50,000 hours.
+Mounting hardware included. Easy to connect, mount and use. The plug contains an electrical fuse as a safety feature. Certified by the Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL Listed) makes you more safety and reassuring.
+Compared with incandescent lamps, LED fluorescent lamps can save more than 80% of electricity and have a life expectancy of more than 10 times that of ordinary lamps. They are almost maintenance-free. There is no problem of frequent replacement of lamps, ballasts and starters. The cost savings can be exchanged for the cost. The green environment-friendly semiconductor light source has soft light and pure spectrum, which is beneficial to workers' vision protection and health. The 6000K cold light source gives people a visually cool feeling, which helps to concentrate and improve efficiency.
  • T8 LED Tube Light
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    T8 LED Tube Light

    Replace Fluorescent T8 LED Tube Light Retrofit Fixtures 10W-36W
    Replace Fluorescent Tube With LED
    SMD 2835
    CE ROHS Standard
    3 Years Warranty
    -With very little heat output, proper drive characteristics and high quality LEDs, our LED T8 Fluorescent...
  • LED Fluorescent Tube Replacement
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    LED Fluorescent Tube Replacement

    9W-25W T5 LED Tube Light Fixtures Retrofit
    CRI : >80Ra
    CE Standard
    3 Years Warranty
    +T5 LED tube light retrofit with shatter-proof glass has wider and thicker aluminum base, excellent heat dissipation.
    +With replaceable driver, when driver...
  • Integrated LED Tube Light
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    Integrated LED Tube Light

    10W-18W Integrated LED Tube Light Retrofit
    Certification: CE ROHS
    3 years warranty
    1. No dark Area when several tubes connect together
    2. Simple and flexible connections
    3. Diverse ways to install
    4. Can DIY into...
  • Ballast Compatible LED Tube
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    Ballast Compatible LED Tube

    +Ballast compatible led tubes are a long-lasting, energy-efficient alternative to fluorescent lighting.
    +Compatible with standard 4ft fixtures with electronic ballasts – with no need for professional retrofitting. It is a money-saving lighting solution for the home and small business.
  • T6 LED Tube Light Replace T5 Fluorescent
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    T6 LED Tube Light Replace T5 Fluorescent

    The T6 LED Tube Light Can Replace T5 Fluorescent Directly.