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LED High Bay Light 150W

LED High Bay Light 150W
120W 150W 200W COB LED High Bay Light Fixtures and Retrofit 1. Bridgelux Super Brighter LED, 50W/PCS. 2. Both build-in driver design, Mean well driver. 3. Professional design, lighter, easy to install. 4. CE ROHS, 3 years warranty.
Product Details:

Product Description

Drive cover

The cover is made of precision aviation aluminum, and after anodizing, it has strong anti-corrosion ability and lasts the same color.

heat sink

Louver fan design, super thick version of the heat sink, is an industrial-grade heat dissipation technology that is conducive to air convection, to maximize the cooling function, protection of the power supply box chip.


High-quality aviation aluminum lampshade, after anodizing, anti-corrosion, the back is smooth and bright, the front is frosted to make the fiber reflection more even.

LED super bright chip

Adopted imported chips, full-foot tiles, increased point flow, more stable light emission, higher usage rate, longer life span, and environmental protection and energy saving.


Environmental protection, energy saving, simple design, easy installation, constant current output, stable performance, long service life.

The whole lamp has low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, and good color rendering. It is widely used in panoramic lighting such as factories, warehouses and gymnasiums.

Installation Notes

Before installation, carefully check the input voltage and power lamp parameters of the lamps and lanterns to do a good job of corresponding installation preparations.

1. First arrange the various parts and accessories used in the lighting fixtures.

2, must cut off the power before installing.

3. The bearing capacity of the fixtures on the wall ceiling of the installed lamps should be matched with the weight of the lamps.

4, in the lighting installation power test, confirm that the lighting can be lit.

5, the lamp body with the wires connected to the matching power cord.

6. Make sure the product is firmly installed, and finally turn on the power.





LED High Bay Light 150W
Driver: Mean well
Power: 200W
Input Voltage: AC85V-265V Material: Aluminum
IP Rate: IP54

PF:> 0.95
CR I : Ra>70
Beam angle: 60°/120°
warranty:3 years

120W 150W 200W Options
CTN: 570*330*490MM 2PCS/CTN

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